Measuring room temperature and adjusting it according to a voting system

The Challenge

Faced with the growing need to protect the environment we wanted to reduce energy consumption by using smart systems for heat regulation. Our main problem was how to collect different data and select the most valuable ones to save energy and increase total system efficiency.

The Idea

Our main idea was to develop an app that measures the temperature in a room and adjusts it to the optimal temperature according to a voting system. Some of our ideas included using motion sensors with temperature setback, zone control and setting up a ‘dead band’. By using movement sensors we would reduce unnecessary heating of empty rooms. 


We decided to integrate the app with two types of sensors: a smart temperature control that turns off the heating based on the air temperature, and motion sensors that reduce unnecessary heating when the room is empty.

We use an AI system that detects movement trends in the office and determines when to turn the heating on or off based on these trends. Zone control allows us to control the temperature in different parts of the building at different times.


For the frontend development we used React.js and MQTT protocol for backend development.


Our solution to reduce the cost and energy used for unnecessary heating was to develop a web app to control the temperature in different parts of the building at different times.  By doing so we prevented simultaneous heating and cooling of spaces.

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